March 20-31 Hosted by Liz LaRocque/Which Way is Down, Inc.

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  • Do you feel like you are meant to be a bold, audacious, high-spirited woman, but that part of you is afraid to come out?   Do you want to have such a strong self that when you walk into a room, people immediately take notice?   Do you get nervous expressing your opinion because you worry about whether you’re right or wrong, and what other people think?  Do wish you felt awesome today, even if you failed at something, because you know you will learn from your experience and be even more awesome tomorrow?
  • Have ever wondered how some people seem to have an abundance of confidence?   They don’t get phased by the little things in life.  They tackle new projects with the belief that they can do anything.  They make decisions and BAM, that’s it.  No second guessing.  They imagine the impossible and then work to make is possible.  They don’t let fear stop them from realizing their dreams.  Do you wish you had that level of confidence?
  • Our speakers see women who have so much to offer but are never sure if what they are offering is good enough; or women that want to be wild and joyful and confident, but can’t seem to get over the hump that is holding them back; or women that know they have potential to be a savage force but can’t figure how to unlock that power.  Our speakers are living confident.  They are living crazy, adventure filled lives, and can show you how to live a confident, adventurous life too.
  • Wild Women in Hiding Summit is all about stepping out from your comfort zone.  Our speakers know the value of doing something that scares the heck out of you to conquer your fears and gain strength and courage.  Our speakers will show you how to start taking actions today to see yourself as a woman warrior.  Our speakers will show you how taking on an amazing, challenging, fun adventure can help you find the key to free your hidden wild woman and unleash your confidence on the world.
  • We have invited speakers who know what they are talking about because they are walking the walk.  They are living fearlessly and are helping women like you overcome your fears and actualize your vision of yourself…and then some.  Get ready to feel INSPIRED and MOTIVATED.  And receive TONS OF INFORMATION on how to create your courageous life.
  • Why should you be interested?  Why should you even consider doing things that freak you out or seem crazy?  This is why: you know you want to be a kick-ass, take no prisoners, captain of your own life.  You know you want to live unapologetically and with a little swagger.  You know you want to feel that buzz, that moment of pure joy, when you overcome your fears and realize you are doing some crazy sh*t.  You know overcoming seemingly impossible challenges will unlock your wild women and cause you to lead a richer, more fulfilling life.

You KNOW, your deepest desire is to squeeze so much more out of life.  You just need to know it is possible and how to make it happen.

Why Should You Be Looking Fear in the Eye, Stomping it Out, and Then Stepping Over its Carcass?  Why do you want to take on adventurous challenges?  It’s simple – here’s why…

Gain Unstoppable Confidence

Come out of Hiding

Discover Your Inner Strength

Feel Pure Joy

Make Amazing Friends

Find Peace

It’s time for you to come out of hiding, be a wild women and claim your confidence.  It’s time you live out loud and be joyful.

The Wild Women in Hiding Summit is for you if you want to:

  • Stop letting fear have a say in how you live your life.
  • Push yourself out of your comfort zone and opening yourself up to personal growth and deeper sense of self.
  • Discover how to capture and really feel, like in your bones – your mind is about to blown – pure, ecstatic joy.
  • Do things you never thought you could do, like go on a 50 mile hike with a group of survivors to prove that life can be lived on your own terms.
  • Learn how to let that wild women inside of you loose, so you are living a big, fulfilling life that will leave no room for regrets.
  • Discover why you should go white water rafting, climb a mountain, bungee jump, take a hike, and connect with nature.

Let’s Introduce Our Amazing, Adventurous Speakers, All of Whom Are Taking on Challenges in Their Own Way, and Crushing Them!

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  • Essential Guide for the healthy and fit entrepreneur by Alexandra Marisoiu
  • The Adventure Wellness Manifesto: 21 Tips to Live Boldly, Live WELL, Live FREE! By Ann Gibson.
  • Free 15-30 minute Discovery Call with Ann Gibson.
  • Sink-Float-SOAR, your personal guide to discovering your inner self, which will provide you with exercises and tools to follow your dreams, and to succeed and SOAR in all aspects of your life.  By Dave Urichuck.
  • Excerpt as a contributing author to the book entitled ReInhabiting the Village: CoCreating our Future.  By Simon Yugler.
  • “5 Ways to Inspire, Energize, & Enrich Your Yoga Practice with LILA YOGA” by Erica Kaufman.
  • No matter what you may currently think, you CAN live a life filled with fun and adventure. It’s just a matter of tapping into a side of you that your probably haven’t seen for a long while. It doesn’t require any special level of intelligence or schooling. Life is meant to be an adventure! Ready to have some fun? Learn how with the An Adventure Every Day: How to Live an Adventurous Life free eBook. It’s a quick read but the tips Heather shares in this book are absolutely essential for helping you to live a more fun and fulfilled life. By Heather Wilson.
  • A guided meditation and one month free for the Awakening Project with Debbie Rosas.
  • Find your courage – 7 Steps to Courage download By Roz Savage.
  • Free copy of Permission Granted To Fearlessly Create The Life You Want.  Permission Granted takes you through step by step to uncover your purpose, define your values and ultimately retrain your brain for success to become your default.  This book outlines the exact process Lauren went through to ditch her 6 figure corporate salary in which she felt trapped, to build a life where she is fitter, healthier, happier… all while building 2 multi 6 figure businesses in just a few years.  The trials, the treasures and the infinite power of a woman’s mind!  By Lauren Heys.
  • 30 Minute Leap Session with Susie Kincade.
  • A free 20-30 minute Discovery Session with Cat Trebilco
  • Free e-book – 4 Simple Steps to Solve Your Biggest Problem! by Cat Trebilco
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  • $100 off a Venus Adventure with Julie Paterson.
  • An electronic copy of the forth coming book Midlife Dreamers in the Wind: Strategies for Manifesting a Freedom Lifestyle with More Adventure, Purpose, and Passion  with the expected release date of June 2017. (You will be placed on a reserve list and will a full copy of the book will be emailed to you upon release) by Liz LaRocque.

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With the Wild Women in Hiding All Access Pass, you will not only get immediate access to the bonus gifts and all the interviews, but you will also get to listen to them at your convenience, time and time again, until you have the courage to take your wild woman out of hiding and become an unstoppable force – overcoming challenges, taking on new challenges just for the fun of it, discovering your grit and gumption, and literally buzzing with joy.  Basically, becoming a WILD WOMAN.

Wild Women In Hiding


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When you are through listening to the interviews, you will know:

  • Which comes first, courage or confidence.
  • How to overcome worry and doubt and feel pure joy.
  • How to cultivate that grit, determination, and gumption that is hiding in you.
  • Why you should push yourself out of your comfort zone and what happens when you do.
  • What you need to do to live your version of a big, fulfilling life.

Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage. – Anais Nin


What do I get with the All Access Pass?

With the All Access Pass you get 20 interviews (audio) between Liz LaRocque and amazing, adventurous, wild women who have come out of hiding and can help you do the same so you can discover your joy and confidence that will transform your life.  You get Lifetime Digital Access to the Wild Women in Hiding Summit interviews ($397 Value  -MP3 format) so you can access this valuable and inspiration information over and over again.

Are there shipping costs?
Everything is done electronically so there are no shipping charges and you get immediate access.
What format are the electronic files in?
The audio files are in MP3 format.
What if I am not happy with the All Access Pass?
We provide a 100% Guarantee.  If you do not feel you received your money’s worth, let us know and we will refund your money with no questions ask.  But we know you are going to love what our speakers have to say and will listen to the interviews time and time again for kick ass tips and motivation.

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When will I get the schedule for each speaker?
Each morning by 9:00 a.m. you will receive a reminder email with links to that day’s dynamic speakers.
Will there be replays?
You can catch each replay for 48 hours, and then it’s gone.
What if I miss the replays?
You can always purchase the entire interview series so you can listen at your convenience, or listen again and again.  No problem!